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Community Awareness Programs


Have you ever heard the sound of air moving through your lungs or used equipment that can move a part of your body for you? Learn skills that can make you a healthier person and discover how physical activity helps the body heal. Get hands on experience finding muscles in your body, checking blood pressure and more! Come enjoy a fun health program for youth ages 9-18 and their guardians that encourages STEM career exploration and teaches teamwork skills.

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Host Training Programs


Help inspire wellness in local, national and global communities by hosting Explore Motion Awareness Programs. Training offers cultural competence education and licensing to offer Explore Motion programs for revenue.

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Our Services


Whether you want to learn more about our certification​ program, need a guest lecturer or assistance with planning how to implement our programs in your space, we are here to help. Our Stay in Motion services include consultations and event management. 

Serving DE, PA & NJ

Striving to make community wellness EASI!

Improving relationships while exploring the benefits of motion!


When we understand the teams in our body, how they work together, and are empowered to take care of them, we also understand the health care teams that treat them.

Early exposure to health careers like physical therapy not only help us navigate the healthcare system, but increase awareness of opportunities in healthcare.

To build trust, providers must also work on cultural competence and engage the diverse communities they service, BEFORE people are sick.

Together we can create experiences for providers and community members to build positive relationships and inspire a proactive healthcare system.

Inspire Motion Courses
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Basic I


A new graduate Physical Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant who offers Magic of Motion at their facility or community space. Must complete Basic I training as a student enrolled in a PT/PTA program under a Senior Navigator.

  • Host access to The Compass.

  • Recruit up to 5 volunteers per event.

Navigating in Woods
Basic II


A Physical Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant Explore Motion Licensee who offers all programs at their facility or community space.


Guide benefits plus,


  • Discount on event merchandise.

  • Listing on the Navigator Network.

  • Host Profile with Image & Personal Event Listing.

  • Recruit up to 10 volunteers per event.

Personal Trainer
Advance I

Senior Navigator

A Physical Therapy educator who offers Explore Motion programming as part of a didactic cultural competence curriculum for students.  


Navigator benefits plus,​


  • Access to purchase Guide Workbooks.

  • Recruit up to 25 volunteers per event.