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Inspire a culturally competent proactive healthcare system and community.


Striving to make community wellness EASI.

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  • Educate the community on healthy living through movement.

  • Increase Awareness of health careers and services.

  • Support clinicians through outreach toolkits and an online marketplace with direct payment for hosting.

  • Inspire a culturally competent healthy community through cross generational teamwork workshops on health.


Our Inspire Motion program, offers live and online continuing professional education in the field of physical therapy with a focus on cultural competence.


Our services include arranging, producing, conducting, distributing and providing public speaking events and guest lecturer assistance.

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Our Stay in Motion services include consultations. Whether you want to learn more about our certification​ program, need a guest lecturer or assistance with planning how to implement our programs in your space, we are here to help.  


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Event management Services

Our Stay in Motion services, offer event management amenities, including marketing, promotion and advertising for live and virtual events for health organizations, physical therapists, and physical therapy assistant offering our Explore Motion community programs.

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Promotional Marketing

Our Stay in Motion services, include The Compass, our online marketplace and networking platform connecting Explore Motion participants to Inspire Motion Hosts.


We are creating an online community for children and guardians, for the purpose of educating about health education, physical activity, career exploration, teamwork skills and to facilitate the student pipeline in Physical Therapy programs!

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Creative Strategy

Our Explore Motion events, offer education and entertainment in the  nature of community outreach services, provided to children and guardians, focusing on science services, namely, relating to health education, career exploration, teamwork skills, and physical activity.

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