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Are you a culturally competent practice that advocates for the health of your local community? What We Offer - Marketing of services - Improve Wellness Literacy - Cultural Competence Training - Community Building Toolkit - Wellness Revenue Opportunities Zip codes often determine our health outcomes. What are the zip codes that your organizations service? Looking to get more engaged in your community but don’t know where to start? Do you already have programs in place, but are looking for more collaborations? Our Corporate Packages offer full event management services for your first event as well as training for your organizations staff to become certified hosts. Improve health literacy in your community and beyond by offering interactive workshops that teach life, team skills, and promote healthy living through exercise. Licensed educators, healthcare providers, community leaders and more are eligible to become licensed to host our programs. As hosts, these staff members will be able to offer our programs at any location and use our trademarks, and logos on marketing materials.

How to become a Stay in Motion Corporate Member

  1. Schedule a Corporate Package Consultation.

  2. Confirm Package selection and submit deposit.

  3. Schedule event and staff trainings.

  4. Complete Facility Planning Consultation & staff trainings.

  5. Host event & schedule Wrap Up & Review Consultation.

  6. Create an account on The Compass, and verify your organizations hosts & start posting your events!

Our Packages

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