Exercise Bands



February 2019

Both of my daughters attended the GS program in 2015 and really enjoyed it.

I’m happy to say that my oldest is pursuing an OT degree at PITT. She’s only a sophomore, so she has a way to go, but so far is happy with her choice.


My youngest is graduating in June and has been accepted into a few direct entry PT programs. Right now, she is still deciding between schools.  


November 2019

Thank you! What a wonderful experience for these ladies. Your badge program is phenomenal!


What a great way for the girls to be introduced to our profession and bale to simulare their interest in a health related profession.  


What a pleasure to work with you. I am really looking forward to doing this again!

Organization Program Specialist

December 2019

Thanks for running such a wonderful program for out Girl Scouts last month.


We got some great feedback and we are interested in running it again!

Associate Director of a PT Program

March 2021

This is an excellent program, top to bottom. Just the right length, scope, and depth to engage participants, and make them think about future careers as well as their own health / wellness. Such important concepts for us to share as health professionals.

​Explore Motion Programs

​​Magic of Motion

Audience: (6th-8th Grade)

Middle school children learn about healthy living through movement while being exposed to healthcare professionals that prescribe exercise.


Healing Through Motion

Audience: (9th-10th Grade)

High school students learn about skills acquired in the Physical Therapy profession and conditions they treat.


Healing People, Changing Lives

Audience: (11th-12th Grade)

High school students step into the life of a Physical therapist and learn how to pursue the profession.

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Take a sneak peak at some of the workshops you could attend!

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