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This program allows student and licensed health professionals to volunteer at Explore Motion events under the supervision of a Certified Inspire Motion Host. Register on our online portal and connect to hosts offering events in a community near you!



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How to become a certified Inspire Motion host?

Step 1: Sign Up for Training. See available courses.


Step 2: At your first session, join the Navigator Network and create an event management account.

Course and hosting resources at your fingertips to ensure your success.

Step 3: Get your Temporary Host Certification.

Valid up to 3 months after the last course session.

Step 4: Get your Host Certification.

Host a virtual or live event before your temporary certification expires to become a Certified Inspire Motion Host!

*You must be a Certified Host in order to be eligible to host our Explore Motion programs and offer the Patch Program to scouts.


Certification Courses

Basic II: Navigator Training


Title: Inspire Motion Basic II: Applying soft skills to maximize the outcomes of hard science.

Instructor(s): Maria Aguila, PT, DPT; Jazmine Tooles, PT, DPT

Audience: Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants

Format: Combination of live virtual instruction and individual study.

Contact Hours: 8 Hours (6: 1 hour 20-minute sessions).

     DE Approval Number: PHY-AC-033523-0099325    Approval Date: 5/19/21-5/19/23

    NJ Approval Number: 2203-06                            Approval Date: 2/1/22 -1/31/26

    PA Approval Number: PTPR015202

Assessment: Discussion, Q & A, Pre/Post Assessment

Description: Building trust in our healthcare system means we cannot be strangers to the communities we serve. As healthcare providers, it is important to develop positive interactions with people before they need treatment. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are some of the frontline workers many communities are unfamiliar with, and some of our expertise such as wellness services, are not always reimbursed. This is a reflection of our reactive healthcare model which continues to fuel health disparities. Understanding the cause of health disparities is a process to improve equity towards just delivery of healthcare. These issues cannot be addressed with just one solution. We need to promote health education, increase awareness of health careers and services, and integrate wellness programs to diverse communities through a collaborative team effort.

Session I: Introduction to Cultural Competence

Session II: Building Healthy Teams

Session III: Share the Magic of Motion

Session IV: Promote Healing Through Motion

Session V: Help others Heal People and Change Lives

Session VI: The ethics of outreach and dealing with SDOH


Basic I: Guide Training

Audience: Student --> New Grad PT/PTA Students

Provides students with online learning modules and service learning opportunities as part of didactic cultural competence curriculum completed under the mentorship of a Senior Navigator. 


Launching Spring 2022.

Advance: Senior Navigator Training

Audience: PT/PTA Educators

Provides educators with cultural competence focused content and allows certified Navigator to offer Explore Motion programming as part of a didactic cultural competence curriculum to students. Licensed to offer Basic I training to students to become certified Guides upon graduation and confirmation of licensure. Pre-requisite: Basic II.


Launching Fall 2022.