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Patch Program at Troop Meeting

Available Online

Let us run your troop meeting!

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • Explore the Magic of Motion Zoom Link

Service Description

Want to help your scouts earn one of our Physical Therapy Patches but can't find an event in your area? No problem! We can come to you! Let us join one of your troop meetings and run one of our 1.5 hour workshops on wellness and career exploration! Set up a 30 minute appointment with our Stay in Motion Director and discuss how we can bring one our our Patch Programs to your troop! There is a $25 Non-Refundable consultation booking fee. This fee will be credited towards your troop meeting program once booked. If you need to reschedule you must contact more than 24 hours prior to your consultation appointment. Magic of Motion™ (Cadettes) When I’ve completed this patch program, I’ll know how to be physically active and the role exercise plays in healing the body and keeping me healthy Steps 1. Know how physical activity helps the body heal and stay healthy 2. Find out how exercise can improve your life 3. Learn how to create your own exercise program 4. Investigate what types of equipment you can use and how 5. Explore professions that use physical activity Healing Through Motion™ (Seniors) When I’ve completed this patch program, I’ll know how physical therapy improves the quality of life for many people and how I can promote good health. Steps 1. Discover the right amount of physical activity 2. Explore how losing the ability to move can impact your life 3. Investigate how Physical Therapists help improve the quality of life 4. Learn skills that can help you take care of and prevent injuries 5. Get the word out on physical activity’s impact on good health Healing People Changing Lives™ (Ambassadors) When I’ve completed this patch program, I’ll know how to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and the different opportunities it offers me to impact the lives of others. Steps 1. Discover yourself 2. Investigate what it’s like to be a Physical Therapist 3. Learn about the skills and equipment Physical Therapists use 4. Explore the various settings you can find a Physical Therapist in 5. Find out how to pursue a career in Physical Therapy We also offer a Healthy Teams™ fun patch for all scouts K-12. Patch Program at Troop Meeting (1.5 hours) $32-45/pp Includes: Supplies, Favors, Signage, Facilitator, & refreshments (optional) Tax & Travel not included. These are rates for Explore the Magic of Motion® events hosted by our Stay in Motion Director. Contact us to get started!

Contact Details

(302) 548-0263

Box 291 35 North Broad Street Woodbury, NJ 08096-9998

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