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A discussion at a 2011 American Physical Therapy Association event on how physical therapy professionals could better promote the field, prompted the creation of Girl Scout badges that would promote awareness of the profession to young girls and their parents. In 2012, the Girl Scouts of Chesapeake Bay Council Owned Physical Therapy Badges were developed teaching 6th to 12th graders about healthy living through exercise while allowing them to investigate professions that utilize exercise for healing such as Physical Therapy.


In 2013, the Explore the Magic of Motion Program was developed to help girls earn the badges and first successfully hosted by staff and Class of 2013 at the University of Delaware Clinic. The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Program hosts the event annually and the program has been well received at additional locations. With requests for it expand to all youth, Healthy Teams has been developed to offer programming to children (7-10) encouraging teamwork while teaching about body systems and the health teams that support them. Explore the Magic of Motion Program has reached over 500 participants since its inception and grown to provide an interactive health and wellness learning experience, not only for scouts, but for clinicians and students.

Striving to make community wellness EASI.


  • Educate the community on healthy living through movement.

  • Increase Awareness of health careers and services.

  • Support clinicians through training that provides outreach toolkits and an

      online platform for direct payment for events.

  • Inspire a proactive culturally competent healthcare system and community.


Explore Motion events to resume

virtually 2021.

Stay tuned for more details december 2020.

Explore the Magic of Motion LLC

A signature summit and consultation service, providing Educational programming on health and Awareness of medical careers with the Support of healthcare professionals and students invested in Inspiring wellness in local, national and global communities.

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