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Healthy Teams©

Since life is full of teams, it is important to learn the skills necessary to be a good team member. Learn teamwork skills while becoming familiar with the teams in your body and healthcare groups that take care of you! Learn teamwork skills while being exposed to the teams in our body and the healthcare teams that take care of these body systems

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Healing People, Changing Lives®

Why not find a career that combines your love of service with something else you enjoy? Whether interested in working with athletes, children, actors on Broadway, the elderly, in women’s health or in the hospital, the opportunities are endless. Explore how some skills therapists learn can be used in your life and how to pursue Physical Therapy! 

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Magic of Motion®

Being physically active isn’t just for athletes, it’s for everyone! Exercise is important to your body’s health because like a machine, if you don’t use it the parts can get rusty and break down. Exercise even helps protect us against poor COIVD-19 outcomes. Choosing to exercise will help you sleep better, stress less and keep your body healthy.


Meet local physical therapists and students, while discovering the ways exercise and exploring your creative side can help you manage stress and keep your heart and muscles strong. Step into the world of a physical therapist as you explore careers that will keep you in motion

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Explore the Magic of Motion®

Have you ever heard the sound of blood rushing through your veins or air moving through your lungs? Have you ever held a real human bone or used equipment that can move a part of your body for you? Work with current students, learn skills that can make you a healthier person and discover how physical activity helps the body heal. Get hands on experience finding muscles in your body, checking blood pressure and more! Step into the life of a Physical Therapy student and earn a new badge as you explore the exciting world of Physical Therapy.

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Healing Through Motion®

Imagine a world where it is very difficult for you to do daily tasks by yourself. Things like walking, dancing at a party with friends, getting dressed in your favorite outfit, or even going to the kitchen for a snack would be challenging. “Simple” activities that we often take for granted. Physical therapy is a profession that improves a person’s ability to move on their own. Explore how some skills therapists learn can be used in your life and take what you’ve learned to find a way to promote good health through physical activity to people in your community!


Meet local physical therapists and students, while discovering the ways Physical Therapy helps treat various medical conditions that may affect you or your friends and family.  

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